Unity Raw 20 FB4


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The Raw 20 FB4 is a full-colour RGB, diode-based laser systems, designed for production and touring clients who want to produce high impact aerial beam effects, as well as higher output laser graphics, logos and text. The ELITE 10 ILDA is also integrated into a robust housing, making it ideal for life on the road.


The Raw 20 FB4 is perfect for medium to large scale indoor venues (up to around 10,000 people capacity), as well as for small to medium-sized outdoor shows. The fixture can also be used both indoors and outdoors, for the projection of laser graphics, logos, text and laser billboard advertisements.


Raw FB4 Series lasers are incredibly easy to set up and use. And can easily be controlled via ILDA, or via DMX / ArtNET (with Pangolin software).

  • We recommend using the Pangolin FB3QS or FB4 control hardware, with QuickShow software.

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