Attention:  This page is for professional laser companies only. Dry rentals are considered equipment shipped to client and shipped back;  prices do not include any project management, meetings, or involvement beyond equipment deliveries. To rent lasers from us you must supply active Variance, Driver License, COI, Signed Rental Agreement, and prepay total before shipment.

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    Dry Rental Rates

    (All Laser Rentals must be in Pairs)

    Laser Projector Rates 5 Day Rates Qty
    3w KVANT CM $150
    6w KVANT CM $300
    10w KVANT CM $500
    15w KVANT CM $750
    20w KVANT Spectrum $1000
    30w KVANT Spectrum $1500

    AS Laser Rates 5 Day Rates Qty
    3w KVANT CM w/PASS $250
    6w KVANT CM w/PASS $400
    10w KVANT CM w/PASS $600

    Beam Brush Rates 5 Day Rates Qty
    Beam Brush 3 $500
    Beam Brush 6 $600
    Beam Brush 10 $1000
    Beam Brush 35 $2000

    Laser Bar Rates 5 Day Rates Qty
    RGB Laser Bars (12 pack) $2000
    Red Laser Bars (12 pack) $1000
    Green Laser Bars (12 pack) $1000
    *All Laser Projectors come with 1 x key, 1 x Power Cord, 1 x Ratchet Strap, 1 x Trigger Clamp. Laser Racks, Distros, eStops, and Cabling rented separate below.

    Note: You need a KVANT eStop or rent an eStop kit from us to activate lasers.

    eStop Kit: $20 Qty
    1 x eStop
    2 x Keys  
    2 x Interlocks (yellow/red)  
    1 x Ethercon Coupler  
    1 x Cat5 Ethercon to Ethernet  
    Cable Looms 5 Day Rates Qty
    25ft. (Pro Cat5 Ethercon, 3 Pin DMX, 12AWG True1) $10
    50ft. (Pro Cat5 Ethercon, 3 Pin DMX, 12AWG True1) $20
    100ft. (Pro Cat5 Ethercon, 3 Pin DMX, 12AWG True1) $40
    300ft. (2x Pro Cat5 Ethercon, 3 Pin DMX) $100

    Ethercon Coupler $5

    Laser Racks 5 Day Rates Qty
    5 Port Ethercon Switch $25
    8 Port Ethercon Switch $40
    8 Port KVANT Rack w/Ethercon Network Switch $75
    12 Port KVANT Rack w/Ethercon Network Switch $100

    Distros w/Socapex – True1 breakouts $150
    Fog Machines (Captain D) $250
    Haze Machines (DF50) $300


    Truss Rods $25
    Trigger Clamps $5
    Ratchet Straps $5


    Blow Up Screens: 5 Day Rate Qty
    30ft. $1000
    50ft. $2000

    Shipping: We offer FREE shipping on all dry rentals booked and paid for at least 14 days prior to delivery. If booked within 14 days we charge $1.50 per pound BOTH ways UNLESS shipped on clients account. Shipping methods may require client pick up and drop off depending on courier, location, and shipping method. Our preferred shipping couriers are SWA Cargo, Forward Air, or FedEx.

    Upload your Laser Variance, Driver's License, Certificate of Insurance here. (Required for rental agreement.)

    COI Must Include
    Laser Light Company LLC
    PO Box 7938
    Seminole, FL 33775

    Dry Laser Light Show Projector Rentals

    Other laser companies call on us to help them with special events and requests. Depending on country, state, or local government rules, you may need a license or variance. We have our variance license, are insured and are members of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA). With our decade of experience and COI for rentals, let us know how we can help supplement your team.

    The top production and creative crews call on Laser Light Company for our ability to help all of their laser rental needs. What foggers, cabling, racks, or front of house kits can we supply you with to help make your life and event go easier? We are here to help support you with our professionalism and expertise in the logistics and elements to have successful event laser lights.

    Laser Light Company is the go-to for venues of all sizes and environments with our stage lighting equipment rentals and unique special effects that help you stand out from the crowd. Let us assist you as your behind-the-scenes warehouse to get the gear you need.