Lasers work best when the venue is dark and there is adequate atmosphere created by Fog Machines and Hazers. For best results client will need to provide or assist with the following:

Power Requirements:
– Non-Distro Events > Each package has a different requirement for power. For events that do not require Laser Light Company to provide a distro we will need several courtesy outlets based on package power requirements provided.
– Distro Events > For events that require Laser Light Company to provide a Distro we will need to be provided with minimum 100A 3 phase out at 120v. If supplying generator, we will need to be provided with 3 Phase Cam Lock Tails.
– Atmosphere > For best results lasers need atmosphere usually by Fog Machines or Hazers. For outdoor venues or large indoor arenas, it is advised to provide at least one 20A circuit w/ long extension cords on all 4 sides of audience.
– FOH > For events that have a FOH we will need to be supplied with one 20A circuit for computer equipment.

Laser Placement:
– Lasers must be securely placed a minimum of 10ft. above ground to project safely over the audience heads. Client must provide optimal locations to install lasers safely and securely. Ideally lasers will be installed on non-moving lighting truss by Trigger Clamp or Ratchet Strap. Lasers do come standard with one Trigger Clamp and One Ratchet Strap.

– Indoors > 1 to 2 Professional Hazers w/Fluid.
– Outdoors or Arenas > 2 to 4 Professional Fog Machines w/Fluid, and Fans
– Notice > For outdoor shows Fog Machines will need to be placed upwind and will need power at those locations.

Sound Systems:
– Laser Light Company DOES NOT provide sound systems for events. For pre-programmed shows we will provide the sound track ONLY.

Ambient Lighting:
– Lasers work best when dark so please turn off ambient lighting this may include streetlights, LED walls, stage lighting, arena lighting, house lighting, etc.

Load In / Set Up:
– Lasers are usually the last equipment that is installed on stages. Please, DO NOT request our staff to be a part of regular load in when constructing a stage. Lasers are usually last to be programmed which means our guys will most likely be the last to leave. Please advise our staff when the stage is set and ready for us to install laser equipment.

Load Out / Breakdown:
– Lasers are quick to break down and load out since we are usually the last to set up (last in / first out). If equipment is flown, please make every effort to get equipment lowered in a timely manner.

Stage Plots / Site Plans:
– Please submit all Stage Plots and/or Site Plans as well as pictures to

*If client is unable to provide power requirements, laser placement, sound system, or atmosphere we must be notified 14 days prior to event. Laser Light Company will assist with a solution, additional Fees may be added.