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Tour Hazer II Boxed 120v


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Item description

The Tour Hazer II BOXED from Smoke Factory is a water-based haze machine that provides incredible power and efficiency. The Tour Hazer II BOXED runs at an astonishing 1,500W! And can hold up to 5-liters of haze fluid that lasts 120 hours (5-days). It’s completely contained in a custom flight case, making it incredibly portable and easily to travel with!

Unlike the typical Tour Hazer II, the BOXED version allows you to position the hazer in almost any position, even on small stages, while still being able to provide the most optimal amount of output.

DMX Controllable

Tour Hazer II BOXED is completely controllable using DMX. It features 2-Channel DMX control allowing you to operate the internal fan and the haze-output independently.

The robust hose system inside the Tour Hazer II allows the fixture to be tilted and operated on any side, and the direction of the haze output can easily be changed using the custom 45° adjustable baffle.

*Manufactured in Germany.

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