Spectrum 34 ROGB


The Kvant Spectrum 30 is the most powerful Spectrum within the standard line, producing an insane 30W of raw laser power! The Spectrum 30 is perfect for the largest indoor/outdoor events and festivals, and permanent installs

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Kvant Spectrum series laser projectors (including Spectrum, Spectrum LD, and Spectrum RGBY/ROGB  product lines) are the world’s premier high-power laser systems, used at many of the largest events and festivals around the globe.

Kvant Spectrum lasers are designed to provide you with incredible power, pin-point precision, touring grade housings, and the latest cutting-edge laser light show technology.

Every Kvant Spectrum is built in a field-tested housing, with a high-performance optical scanning system and Pangolin’s integrated FB4-SK media server, providing you with easy control via a lighting console (over DMX / ArtNET), PC, or in stand-alone operation (auto-mode).

Kvant Spectrums are designed with patented OPSL laser technology from COHERENT, offering unparalleled brightness from all Spectrum laser systems, especially across long distances.

Kvant Spectrum lasers also include Pangolin’s QuickShow laser show and design software completely FREE, providing you with a wealth of tools that allow you to create your own incredible laser displays. In addition, QuickShow comes with thousands of pre-made laser clip art which you can use, right out of the box.


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