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FAA Outdoor Show Application


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With this package we will help you with your Outdoor Show Application with the FAA Form 7140 acknowledgment application to display un-terminated beams in airspace

Required Info:

  • GPS Location and elevation of the site
  • Azimuth angle (degrees on a compass) of the proposed laser zones
  • Laser beam specs (output and frequencies of each diode module and
    divergence, Mrad)


If you need help filling out applications, Laser Light Company can assist with all compliance submissions. Please give yourself a minimum of 30 days for most applications.

Note – Please do your own research when producing laser light shows on all Federal, State, and Local regulations


All Fire Marshal and FD Permit Applications Must Include the Following:
• Name, location, time and date(s) of event
• Name, address, phone#, and FDA variance info of the production company
• Name, email address and phone number of laser operators and techs.
• Name, email address and phone number of designated LSO (varies)
• Certificate of insurance for the venue and the local Fire Marshal
• Letter of Intention from the venue
• Make, model and serial numbers of lasers to be used at the event

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