Lighting Up the Stage: LaserLight Company’s Music Festival Laser Shows

      Music festivals are not just about sound; they are a multisensory experience. As festivals grow in scale and spectacle, the demand for visually stunning elements increases. LaserLight Company’s Music Festival Laser Light Shows are designed to meet this demand, offering a range of laser lighting packages that can transform any musical performance into an unforgettable visual experience.

Laser Lighting Packages for Music Festivals

LaserLight Company provides tailored solutions to cater to festivals of all sizes, ensuring each event is both mesmerizing and unique. Here’s an overview of the available packages:

1. Small Package (1k-2.5k attendees)

  • Lasers: 4 x 20w
  • Technicians: 1
  • On-site Time: Up to 5 Days
  • Total Cost: $12,000
  • Included Equipment:
    • FOH Kit, 20w Laser Kits, Cable Kits, Laser Rack Kits, Fog Machine Kits, Fan Kit
  • Power Requirements: 120AMP
  • Total Weight: 740lb

Perfect for intimate gatherings or smaller festival stages, this package delivers high-quality laser shows that are both affordable and spectacular.

2. Medium Package (2.5k-5k attendees)

  • Lasers: 4 x 20w, 4 x 6w with PASS
  • Total Cost: $17,000
  • Additional Features: Expanded laser capabilities with both 20w and 6w lasers, enhancing the visual diversity of the show.

3. Large Package (5k-10k attendees)

  • Lasers: 8 x 20w, 8 x 6w with PASS
  • Total Cost: $23,000
  • Included: Additional lasers and enhanced equipment to cover larger crowds and spaces, providing a dynamic and layered visual experience.

4. XL Package (10k+ attendees)

  • Lasers: 12 x 20w, 12 x 6w with PASS
  • Total Cost: $35,000
  • Highlights: The most extensive package designed for major festival stages, featuring a vast array of lasers to create an immersive experience that extends to the furthest reaches of any large venue.

Benefits of LaserLight’s Festival Packages

  • Customization: Each package is highly customizable, allowing festival organizers to tailor the show to the theme and scale of their event.
  • Technology: Incorporating the latest in laser technology, the shows are not only stunning but also reliable and safe.
  • Experience: LaserLight Company brings years of experience in lighting up festivals, ensuring that each show is seamlessly integrated with the festival’s operations.

      LaserLight Company’s laser shows offer more than just lighting; they provide a gateway to a heightened sensory experience at music festivals. From small gatherings to large-scale events, these laser shows are engineered to captivate and mesmerize audiences, ensuring that each festival is as visually spectacular as it is musically.

For more information on booking a laser light show for your music festival, visit LaserLight Music Festival Laser Shows.

Brooks Palmer
Author: Brooks Palmer

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