LaserLight Company’s LaserWorks Lighting Effects: Illuminating Large-scale Events with Precision and Artistry

LaserLight Company’s LaserWorks lighting effects offer a dynamic and visually stunning approach to event lighting, perfect for large-scale gatherings where impact is key. With a range of packages designed to cater to different crowd sizes, LaserWorks provides an immersive experience that combines state-of-the-art laser technology with creative visual artistry.

LaserWorks Packages Overview

LaserLight Company has structured LaserWorks to accommodate various event sizes, each package offering a unique set of equipment and capabilities tailored to ensure your event’s lighting is unforgettable.

1. Small Package (500 – 5k attendees)

  • Lasers: 8 x 20w
  • Technicians: 2
  • On-site Time: Up to 2 days
  • Equipment Includes:
    • FOH Kit, 8 20w Laser Kits, 2 Cable Kits, 1 Laser Rack Kit, 4 Fog Machine Kits, 2 Fan Kits
    • Local sourcing for laser stands
  • Total Cost: $16,000, including all travel and logistics expenses
  • Power Requirements: 180AMP

Ideal for corporate events, medium-sized music concerts, or private extravaganzas, this package promises to deliver a tailored and impactful visual display.

2. Medium Package (5k – 10k attendees)

  • Lasers: 16 x 20w
  • Total Cost: $25,000, covering comprehensive logistics
  • Equipment and technical support tailored for larger crowds, ensuring every attendee experiences the full visual spectacle.

3. Large Package (10k-20k attendees)

  • Lasers: 24 x 20w
  • Total Cost: $35,000, with detailed logistical support included
  • This package is designed for very large events such as major festivals or large public gatherings, providing extensive coverage with powerful visual effects.

4. XL Package (20k and up)

  • Lasers: 32 x 20w
  • Technicians: 3
  • Total Cost: $45,000, ensuring all logistics are managed seamlessly
  • The most extensive package available, suitable for the largest events, offering unmatched coverage and the most spectacular light show possible.

Features and Benefits

Each LaserWorks package not only provides stunning visual effects but also includes:

  • Comprehensive logistical support to ensure smooth setup and operation.
  • High-powered lasers capable of creating a wide array of effects, from intricate patterns to broad, sweeping beams.
  • Additional effects equipment like fog machines to enhance the visual impact.
  • Energy efficiency and high performance, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing display potential.

      LaserLight Company’s LaserWorks lighting effects are the pinnacle of event lighting solutions, offering scalable options for any event size. Each package is crafted to create unforgettable experiences, ensuring that every event is not only seen but remembered. Whether planning a concert, festival, or any large-scale event, LaserWorks provides the visual excellence and professional support needed to light up the night spectacularly.

For more information on booking a LaserWorks lighting effect package for your next big event, visit LaserLight Company’s LaserWorks page.

Brooks Palmer
Author: Brooks Palmer

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