LaserLight Company’s Laser Shows: Elevating Tour Experiences

      In the world of live tours, whether they are for music, theater, or dance, creating a memorable audience experience is paramount. LaserLight Company specializes in transforming these tours into visual spectacles with their state-of-the-art laser light shows. Designed to captivate and engage audiences, these laser shows are an essential addition for any tour looking to stand out.

Laser Light Packages for Tours

LaserLight Company offers a range of packages tailored to suit tours of different scales, ensuring that every performance is as visually stunning as it is musically or theatrically.

1. Small Tours Package

  • Crowd Size: 1k-2.5k
  • Lasers: 8 x 20w
  • On-site Time: Weekly (3 week minimum)
  • Total Cost: $16,000 plus travel and logistics expenses
  • Included Equipment: FOH Kit, 20w Laser Kits, Cable Kits, Laser Rack Kits, Fog Machine Kits, Fan Kits
  • Power Requirements: 180AMP
  • Total Weight: 1500lb

Ideal for smaller venues or intimate performances, this package ensures that even the most subtle of artistic expressions is enhanced by stunning visual effects.

2. Medium Tours Package

  • Crowd Size: 2.5k-5k
  • Lasers: 12 x 20w
  • Total Cost: $22,000 plus travel and logistics expenses
  • Highlights: More lasers and enhanced capabilities to cater to larger audiences without sacrificing the intimacy and detail of the light show.

3. Large Tours Package

  • Crowd Size: 5k-10k
  • Lasers: 16 x 20w
  • Total Cost: $32,000 plus travel and logistics expenses
  • This package is designed for large venues, ensuring that every corner of the space is reached with vibrant and dynamic laser effects.

4. XL Tours Package

  • Crowd Size: 10k and up
  • Lasers: 20 x 20w
  • Total Cost: $38,000 plus travel and logistics expenses
  • The ultimate package for major tours, offering the highest number of powerful lasers to create an unforgettable experience for large crowds.

Benefits of LaserLight’s Touring Packages

  • Customizable Shows: Each package is fully customizable, allowing tour managers and artists to integrate the laser show seamlessly with their artistic vision.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Utilizing the latest in laser technology, the shows are not only spectacular but also consistently reliable and safe for all types of venues.
  • Enhanced Audience Experience: Laser shows add a layer of depth and excitement to the performance, significantly enhancing audience engagement and satisfaction.

      LaserLight Company’s touring laser light shows are the perfect solution for elevating any tour to the next level. With scalable options and comprehensive logistical support, these laser shows are designed to complement any live performance, ensuring every tour stop is spectacular.

For more information on integrating these laser light shows into your next tour, visit LaserLight Tours Laser Light Shows.

Brooks Palmer
Author: Brooks Palmer

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