Illuminating the Fairgrounds: LaserLight Company’s Diverse Laser Light Show Packages

      Fairgrounds serve as vibrant hubs for community gatherings, festivals, and large-scale events. Understanding the diverse needs of such venues, LaserLight Company offers a range of specialized laser light show packages designed to enhance any fairground event, from art installations to full-blown concerts.

Laser Show Packages Overview

1. Art Installation Package

  • Crowd Size: Suitable for smaller, more intimate settings
  • Lasers: 4 x 10w
  • Technicians: 1
  • On-site Time: Up to 2 Days
  • Total Cost: $8,000, including comprehensive travel and logistics
  • This package is perfect for art-focused events where lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the visual impact of the installations.

2. Concert Lighting Package

  • Crowd Size: 1k-2.5k attendees
  • Lasers: 4 x 20w
  • Technicians: 1
  • On-site Time: Up to 3 Days
  • Total Cost: $10,000, with all travel and logistical expenses covered
  • Designed for live music performances, this setup ensures that every beat and note is complemented by stunning visual displays.

3. Laser Graphic Show Package

  • Crowd Size: 500-1k
  • Lasers: 4 x 10w and 4 x 3w with PASS
  • Technicians: 3
  • On-site Time: Up to 2 Days
  • Total Cost: $18,000, including all necessary expenses for travel and logistics
  • Featuring a 50ft screen, this package is ideal for larger audiences and provides a cinematic laser experience that can include custom graphics and animations.

4. LaserWorks Package

  • Crowd Size: 1.5k – 2.5k
  • Lasers: 16 x 20w
  • Technicians: 2
  • On-site Time: Up to 2 Days
  • Total Cost: $30,000, covering all expenses
  • This premium package is designed for the largest events, offering an intense and immersive laser show experience that can fill even the vastest of fairgrounds.

Equipment and Setup

Each package comes with high-quality equipment tailored to the specific needs of the event:

  • FOH Kits: Essential for controlling the show from the front of house.
  • Laser Kits: High-power lasers capable of projecting over long distances and large crowds.
  • Cable Kits: Ensure that all parts of the fairground are covered.
  • Fog Machine Kits: Add an extra layer of atmosphere to the laser effects.
  • Fan Kits: Keep equipment cool and functioning optimally throughout the event.

      LaserLight Company’s diverse offerings ensure that whether you are hosting an art exhibit, a concert, or a large festival at the fairgrounds, there is a laser light show package that fits your needs. With everything from logistical support to high-tech equipment included, event organizers can focus on what truly matters—creating unforgettable experiences for their attendees. Each package not only illuminates the event but also enhances the overall atmosphere, making every moment spectacular.

For those planning an event at the fairgrounds, choosing a LaserLight Company laser light show means opting for quality, convenience, and a guarantee to light up your event like never before.

Brooks Palmer
Author: Brooks Palmer

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