Drive-In Laser Show – 50ft. Screen

Total: $15,000expenses included (travel/logistics)
  • Crowd Size: 500-1k
    Lasers: 4 x 20w, 4 x 3w w/PASS
    Technicians: 3
    On-site Time: Up to 2 Days

    (1) FOH Kit:

    Specs: Personal Bag / 20AMP

  • (4) 20w Laser Kits:
    Specs: 31 x 21 x 15 @ 95lb. / 10AMP

  • (2) 3w Laser Kits:
    Specs: 31 x 21 x 15 @ 65lb. / 6AMP

  • (2) Cable Kits: (500ft. Each)
    Specs: 33 x 22 x 13 @ 135lb

  • (4) Fog Machine Kits:
    Specs: 25 x 20 x 15 @ 55lb. / 11AMP

  • (2) Fan Kit:
    Specs: 25 x 19 x 12 @ 35lb. / 8AMP

  • (1) Screen Kit:
    Specs: 48 x 40 x 60 @ 500lb. / 20AMP

  • (1) Sound System:
    1 x FM Transmitter

  • Travel / Logistics:
    Travel / Flights
    Ground Transportation
    Freight / Shipping

  • Power Requirements: 160AMP
    (Total) Dims @ Weights:
    (4) 31 x 21 x 15 @ 380lb
    (2) 31 x 21 x 15 @ 170lb
    (2) 33 x 22 x 13 @ 270lb
    (4) 25 x 20 x 15 @ 220lb
    (2) 25 x 19 x 12 @ 70lb
    (1) 48 x 40 x 60 @ 500lb

    Total Cases: 15
    Total Weight: 1570lb

  • Client must sign agreement 30 days prior to hold date
  • 50% Deposit is due 21 days prior to Load In
  • Balance is due prior to set up
  • 100% Payment due to hold date within 21 days or when leaving country

Drive-In Laser Light Shows

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Show Type: Holiday Show, Laser Graphics, Laser Light Show, Movie Night
Perfect For: Outdoor Areas, Families, Communities