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    1. Are all protective housings in place with proper tight fit?

    2. Is the projector secured rigidly in place?

    3. Before activating the laser, check that all beam shutters are operable and are left in the closed positions.

    4. Make sure that the laser cannot be energized without the key and that key removal terminates operation.

    5. Check that all accessories, such as mirrors and targets, are secured firmly in place.

    6. Energize the laser at the lowest possible power (without allowing the beam to emerge and with shutters closed).

    7. Confirm that all emission indicators and the emission delay operate properly.

    8. Verify that all required labels are in place and visible on the projector:


    1. Evacuate all but essential personnel from the facility. These checks must be performed with no audience present.

    2. Make certain that you have visual control of the entire projection space from your operating location (especially the audience space) and that areas are adequately secured (see the current ANSI Z136.1 standard for guidance).

    3. Operate the laser at the lowest possible power, open the shutters, and perform alignments.

    4. Perform a physical survey to confirm that beams exceeding Class I will be separated from the audience by at least the minimum distances required. (In general, for shows under operator control, a 3 meter vertical separation and a 2.5 meter horizontal separation from audience locations are required. For shows not under continuous operator control, a 6 meter vertical and 2.5 meter horizontal separation would be required.)

    5. Review your proposed projections with venue management to be certain that the audience will not be permitted access to locations resulting in a violation of item 4 above.

    6. Operate the projector at the power required for the show, making sure that there are no spurious projections into unintended areas and that the conditions of item 4 are maintained. Determine and record the power levels in accordance with the levels reported in Part 9 of your laser light show report.

    7. Confirm that all projectors and optics are rigidly secured and cannot be disturbed during subsequent setup operations or during the show itself.

    8. Check for operation and proper setting of all devices related to safety, including beam blocks, scanning safeguards, emergency stop controls

    9. Maintain continuous surveillance of the projectors and all optics between the time of alignment and start of the show to be certain that the alignment of the projector and optics is not disturbed.