Behind the Scenes at Laser Light Company

Recently, I had the unique opportunity to tour the facilities of Laser Light Company, a leader in the laser show industry. Known for their extensive range of cutting-edge laser equipment, the company boasts hundreds of lasers, ranging from 3 watts to a powerful 42 watts, capable of illuminating any event, from intimate gatherings to sprawling festivals.

The first stop on the tour was the main showroom, where Laser Light showcases its diverse array of laser projectors. Here, I saw firsthand the vast spectrum of their equipment, including their compact 3-watt lasers perfect for smaller venues and their robust 42-watt units designed for large-scale productions. The range of lasers was not just impressive in terms of power but also in the variety of colors and effects they could produce, demonstrating Laser Light’s capability to customize visual experiences for any theme or atmosphere.

Moving through the facility, I was particularly impressed by the attention to detail in cable management. Each set of cables was meticulously loomed and labeled, ensuring quick and error-free setup at events. This organization extends to all aspects of their operations, from the initial design phase to the execution at events, illustrating their commitment to professionalism and efficiency.

The tour also included a visit to the shipping and receiving department, where the logistical magic happens. It was enlightening to see how each piece of equipment is handled with care, packaged securely, and tracked meticulously to ensure it arrives at its destination on time and in perfect condition. The staff explained their system for managing inventory, which involves precise coordination and real-time communication across departments, minimizing delays and maximizing reliability.

Touring LaserLight Company offered me valuable insights into the meticulous planning and execution behind the spectacular laser shows they are known for. The scale and sophistication of their operations are a testament to their industry leadership. It’s clear that the success of an event relies heavily on not just the visual equipment used but also the expertise and organizational prowess of the team behind it.

LaserLight Company stands out in the event production landscape for their technological excellence and operational efficiency. Their ability to manage over 100 different lasers and ensure flawless execution at every event they service makes them a top choice in the industry. Whether for a concert, festival, or corporate event, their behind-the-scenes efforts make all the difference in delivering a show that is as seamless as it is breathtaking.

Brooks Palmer
Author: Brooks Palmer

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