Spectrum 45 RYGB


The Spectrum 45 RYGB is designed with a special 577nm yellow OPSL module allowing you to produce a even broader range of colors with a higher luminosity and brightness over exceptionally long projection distances.

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Item description

The new Kvant Spectrum is a beautifully crafted laser projection system that offers word-class performance, quintessential beam quality, a broad array of colors, and a comprehensive control solution utilizing Pangolin’s FB4-SK.


What’s new in the 2022 Kvant Spectrum?

Foam Aluminum Chassis

The new Spectrum is built using a foam aluminum chassis that is 30% lighter, significantly smaller, and even more robust then it’s predecessors.

Superb Beam Quality

The beam profile of each color inside the 2022 Spectrum is remarkably precise. All beams match perfectly in shape, size, and divergence, ensuring all colors are perfectly balanced and do not produce any halos around them.

Improved Internals

The laser projector’s core is now mounted on a flexible seal inside of the chassis which helps reduce all vibrations inside of the system and allows the projector to more easily dissipate heat without risk of heat damage.

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